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part of round three. tonight's rain may have let up for now. guess what, that was not part of round three. more rain is on the way. vacations cut short. cottages -- emergency crews kept on the peninsula. how they prevented damage to an apartment complex. good evening. let's get right to paul deanno
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for more on the rain that's still coming. >> we have a lot of rainfall out there. showers are letting up right now. this is about 4 or 5 hours ahead of the bigger rainfall. that's going to move in overnight tonight. all the rain that was out there this evening, some of you got a half an inch of rain. that's ahead of this round three. what's left from this preamble, if you will? a few light showers. otherwise we are drying out temporarily. look at all that mess to our north. that is what is moving in overnight tonight. that is what will give usa sunday soaker and exacerbate our flooding problems. live picture to show you from napa. rain hasn't let up in the north bay. a little lighter than it was before. still very soggy. since wednesday santa rosa, you're creeping up on 1 half foot of rainfall since wednesday. nearly 3 inches of rain for san francisco.
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more than 2 inches of rain for oakland. the rain is going to pick up again after midnight. heavy rain is likely throughout the morning tomorrow. it will be windy. we have the russian river and napa river under an official flood warning. a flash flood watch is still in effect through tomorrow for the north day, for the mountains and for the peninsula coast. there's a lot to talk about. we'll get through it and talk about what's going to happen after round three. >> heavy rain has people nervous. napa and russian rivers are under flood warnings. they're expected to rise above flood stage. don knapp is in napa. >> reporter: napa residents have been warned about the flooding. especially those living close to streams and the river. now they're bracing for the night. others are still working at it.
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crews were working into the night to remove about 3 dozen cottages mounted on mobile home frames from the river point resort. the rising river cut short vacations for guests staying in about 30 of the timeshare cottages that are threatened with a possibility of flooding. so far the napa river remains within its banks. it's expected to flood tomorrow around noon. folks aren't taking any chances. city trucks have delivered 50 tons of sand to this lot at first street and freeway drive. folks were filling bags as quickly as the sand came in. nearly 2000 bags were loaded up. >> situation is that i live on a creek. we had a big rain thursday night and the water came up to almost the top of the
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remaintaining wall. so we decided sandbags were a good idea. >> reporter: are you afraid the water might come over the wall? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the possibilities of flooding. gary martin is the information officer. >> at this moment if the projections of the rainfall totals are accurate we're looking at street flooding, intersections being flooded. nothing terribly serious. i say that with a caveat. >> reporter: meaning don't let up yet. folks are busy trying to make sure they stay dry. tomorrow morning city and county officials will get together and look at those calculations and try to determine what the flood risk is for tomorrow. reporting live in napa, don knapp, cbs 5. >> another river being watch asked in the south in the santa cruz mountains. the san lorenzo is running high and fast. it runs through several
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mountain communities. problems the rain is causing in the south bay and on the peninsula. >> the rain has been coming down in the south bay and along the peninsula. it's cause ago lot of problems for streets and parking lots. take a look at this parking lot. you can see the amount of water. i'm standing in a foot deep of water right here. firefighters pumped water out of this flooded redwood city complex late saturday night. >> it was up to a foot deep. >> reporter: they got the water out before it could cause any damage. the heavy rain -- moving from one trouble spot to another. >> it's been very busy today. particularly with the rain. a lot of freeway accidents currently. >> reporter: the santa cruz mountains a crew sent to help restore power needed help themselves after a large oak tree fell on top of their
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truck. >> bad luck. >> reporter: it happened friday night on stevens canyon road. no one was hurt. since the workers were working away from the truck. >> a spot of bad luck there. you think a tree is going to come through your house. were james decided to trim the reece around his house. a close call. that's part of living in the mountains. >> it's not that bad. everyone has a standby generator. >> reporter: here's another live look at this flooded parking lot. there's simply nowhere for the water to go. back up in the santa cruz mountains, this rainstorm has made parts of the mountains very dangerous. a lot of trees falling down. as i was driving up there earlier this afternoon a tree
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fell down right in front of me about 15 feet away from my car. life here in redwood city. >> you can track the storm any time with our live high def doppler radar. that's on our website, another big storm is on the way. safety crews have all hands on deck. since wednesday heavy rains and winds have toppled trees, snarled traffic and left throw thousands without power. crews have been working to repair downed lines. some are sleeping in their trucks waiting for calls. >> we've all gotten lucky. there have been breaks between these one-two punches. the biggest one is coming tonight. nonstop urging drivers to slow down. other bay area headlines. a sketch was released of the
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man police believe is responsible for a home invasion homicide. investigators do not think he acted alone. police identified the victim as 66-year-old -- a prominent south bay millionaire. his wife was hurt, but not seriously. investigators are trying to figure out how a man's body ended up on uni tracks. police got the call before 8:00 this morning. the body was found near the at&t parking lot in the mission bay neighborhood. officers are treating it as a vehicle collision, but they do not know if it was a car or train that hit him. a san francisco landmark has been gutted by fire. the pool house for the old pool near the zoo caught fire about 1:00. the building has been abandoned for years. firefighter did not try to save it. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for smoke
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inhalation. the zoo was closed about 2:00 to make it easy tonight the fire. the cause is still unknown. new tonight, taliban south side bombers attacked a joint u.s. and afghan base in eastern afghanistan. the taliban spokesman saided attackers exploded near the jalalabad airfield. none of the militants got in. american forces fired down on the militants from a helicopter. nato calls it a famed attack. shock and sadness reverberating through the kansas city chiefs community tonight. one of the teams young players shot and killed his girlfriend before committing suicide. the dramatic way jovan belcher took his own life. >> reporter: kansas city's arrowhead stadium was under lockdown after the suicide of
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jovan belcher. belcher drove to the practice facility and thanked chiefs coach and general manager before tyking his own life. >> they talked for a bit and that's what he shot himself. >> reporter: the suicide followed a domestic incident five miles from the stadium approximately belcher shot his girlfriend kassandra perkins multiple times, killing her. >> they've been arguing before the shooting occurred. >> reporter: belcher's mother called 911. she had recently moved into the house, possibly to help with her grandchild. belcher got his start here in west babylon new york. he led the team to their first undefeated season. going on to play college ball before landing in the pros. belcher spent all four years with the chiefs. playing in every game this year. but the team is 1-10 this season. stuck in an 8-game losing streak. kansas city's mayor wouldn't
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speculate on a motive, but acknowledged the pressures of the job. >> we're talking about kids that are 25, 26, 24 years old playing in circumstances that most of us never dream of and living lives in fish bowls. >> reporter: the chiefs are planning to go ahead with sunday's home game against the carolina panthers. >> our eye on the storm coverage continues next. the new warning for people along the river where the threat of damaging floods is most severe. and people along the truckee river warned to get out at a moments notice.
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on the northern end of the petaluma river in the next 6 hours. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec was there earlier ty and shows us some troublesoe areas. ((river nats)) ((forest par, forestville - sot6 - the r's this river is coming up. it's got to go. >> we've seen a lot of sights like this around the north bay today. this bridge is still passable.
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you can seep the water here just flirting with the possibility of closing it down. it's not going to take much. people a aware of the flooding risk. >> i start thinking what will i do? what will i do first? i'll get up. i'll put that on, and that on. grab my coat. >> others are tired of the preachy mature worries. >> they're just waiting for a disaster to happen. >> reporter: the russian river is expected to reach 3 to 4 feet above flood stage by the end of the storm. enough to close some roads and flood some homes. fire officials say it won't cause major damage until it hits 40 feet. flood stage is at 32. >> people have seen it before. if you haven't, listen to what people telling you. be prepared >> and tonight residents along the truckee river are nervously watch the water rise to levels
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they haven't seen in nearly 6 decades. the river is expected to crest at nearly 5 feet above flood stage. people living in low lying areas, especially in truckee and along highway 89 are being warned to be ready to evacuate. a completely different scene in southern california. surfers are taking advantage of good waves that come along with the storm. got waves as high as 15 feet at manhattan beach. paul joins us again talking about rain. there is some clearing out there. >> we'll take as many breaks as we can get. when we get the rain, has nowhere to go now. we're getting a bit of a break before storm number 3 arrives. it's a good thing. let that rain, precipitation run off. it's going to pour tonight and tomorrow. here's a look at radar. scanning skies and not finding much. a few showers. it was pouring in the city
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itself. half-moon bay. big change right new. the rain has temporarily moved out. look at the rain up to the north. that has to work its way through the entire bay area. let's talk specifics. russian river, 35-foot crest. that likely will occur just before lunchtime on monday. that is moderate flooding. thankfully not widespread flooding. 18-foot crest with moderate flooding likely. that crest because it's a smaller river will occur quicker or earlier. that's going to be around lunchtime tomorrow. watch out tomorrow for moderate flooding in st. helena. as for what's going on, you can follow this moisture trail all the way back west of hawaii. this is just tropical moisture that gets consolidated a couple times of year. in this particular instance it's getting steered. right into northern california. it's called the pineapple
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express. are hawaii to here, round three. we'll get one on sunday. round three, the final round is just about here. after midnight we're all going to get very wet. several inches of rainfall for the north bay. anywhere from 1 to 2.5 inches of rainfall in and around the bay area. future cast, we get new information every hour. an inch and a half for santa cruz. inch and a half for redwood city. nearly two inches more in san rafel. nearly 2 inches of new rainfall by tomorrow evening. with the ground saturated we will see more urban flooding tomorrow than we did friday. less of an impact. still out there tomorrow. moving in tonight, it'll be a soaker. especially tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, got a little bit of a break. actually get a big bit of a break. that's the last round. it'll be out of here by tomorrow afternoon. highs will be mild.
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might not have a chance to enjoy. it'll be wet as well. averages around 60. mountain view 63. campbell 63 degrees. very wet tomorrow morning. mid60s for pleasant hill. right around 60 -- you'll be soggy tomorrow morning. extended forecast, we need a break. we're get ago break. on monday. don't let tuesday and wednesday scare you. just scattered showers out there. then a prolonged break thursday through saturday. just got to be smart tomorrow. not going to be a widespread, huge problem. we'll see some rivers above flood stage. we'll see roads that are tricky to navigate tomorrow. >> might want to stay in. >> watch football. we have two games on. >> the huddled masses yearning to visit the statue of liberty will have to wait long per. the new york harbor landmark
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will remain closed indefinitelyly. workers are still trying to repair damage from hurricane sandy. the islands docks were heavily damaged and thousands of bricks were torn up and scatter. several buildings on the island were destroyed. the cruise line which shuttles visitors to the island has laid off 130 employees. on this world aids day, why experts say the end of the epidemic is in sight. lost to cancer at just 22. how one woman is keeping a friend's memory alive for 3000 miles. music's, ready !
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in san francisco, ceremoniet rove events around the bay area marked world aids day today. ceremonies at the national aids memorial grove in golden gate park remembered those lost to aids. it also marked san francisco's historical significance in the epidemic being at the forefront in the fight against the disease and efforts to raise awareness. six scholarships were awarded to young leaders for their
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work. >> i'm able to explain what's going on and how they can make a difference. if it can be by talking to someone or using condoms themselves. it's important to me because i empower the youth. >> the event honored house minority leader nancy pelosi with the national leadership award for her efforts in creating the national aids memorial. the united nations joint program on aids recently reported the pace of progress against the disease is quickening. we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of aids. jill -- today they completed a cross country run in her honor. >> reporter: this is the end of a long journey.
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jogging with support of friends after running from new york to san francisco. it was a mission of love for her friend, jill costello, a nonsmoking athlete who died of lung cancer in 2010. they decided to run for awareness, leaving times square july 30th. >> i knew i would finish. >> reporter: the run averaged about 30 miles a day and kelsey went through 12 pairs of running shoes. all to shine a spotlight on cancer. >> there were days that were super hard. just the elements. 20-degree weather. >> this one raised more than $150,000 for cancer research. and kelsey says her friend was beside her in memory and in spirit. >> we had this really intense motivation which was her memory and doing this for jill. >> it remains to be seen what kelsey's next goal will be. but if she's inspired by jill,
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she's also an inspiration to others. ,,,,
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guess which nba team is still in first place in the pacific division. and who has a rematch with stanford if the rose bowl. the red clad wisconsin badgers. one much four touchdowns for the night. wisconsin beats nebraska 70-31. just like january 2000. they get stanford in the rose bowl. bcs championship game all set when georgia could not find the ends here. advantage alabama.
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ball game. 32-28. bama faces notre dame. houston dynamo and l.a. galaxy tied at 1. galaxy won their second straight mls cup 3- 1. also david beckham's final mls game. it goes. warriors just rolling. they beat the pacers 103-92. 18 points off the bench. he only missed one field goal all night. sadly we pass along the news of the death of college basketball coach rick majerus. he was 64 years old. led utah to the 1998 ncaa final against kentucky. coach could never beat kentucky. >> thank you much. before we go, got to have one last word from paul about the storm. it's already here.
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>> we got some rainfall. it poured all evening long. really round three hasn't even started yet. you get a break about 4 or 5 more hours. about 2:00 in the morning, here comes the rain. soggy tomorrow morning. by tomorrow evening we're down with the rounds. no round four. >> going to hold you to that. that's it for us. thanks for joining us. more sports another 11:00 on cbs 5.
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